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Wood blinds

Bring the beauty of nature indoors, with our custom crafted natural wood blinds. Wood blinds provide timeless elegance, and offer you light control & privacy. Shutters offer good thermal and sound insulation, which means they can keep a room warmer in winter and cooler in summer, while also reducing outside noise.

Zebra Shades

Surrounded by beautiful landscapes, it is only right that our studio is stocked with only the finest local materials that haven't had to travel far to get to us. Our clay is as locally sourced as possible for every product.

We ensure that the paint we use on our products is low-VOC and never washed into local waterways during production.

Sun Screen

Sunscreens can block 90% of the sun's rays, reducing glare and providing daytime privacy. Since the screen don't touch the window glass, your windows will be protected from the sun's heat and the resulting damage it can cause.. It is a unique woven mesh that can block 90% of the sun's hot rays before they enter your home. Exterior shading fabric is made of strong vinyl-coated polyester. Screen is mildew and fade resistant and needs only an occasional cleaning with mild soap and water.

Patio Screen

Can you imagine enjoying moments outdoors without the potential damage of the sun's rays? With vertical and retractable awnings you are one step away from achieving it.

Request your quote now and enjoy this magnificent solution. We have more than 20 fabric models for you to choose the one that best matches your decoration and style.

Instant advice

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